Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Pune: Match Schedule, Pitch Report for World Cup 2023

Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium (Pune) Pitch Report: ICC World Cup 2023 

To truly understand the performance of any cricket team, one must delve into the intricacies of its home ground’s pitch. Today, we embark on a journey through the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium (Pune) Pitch Report, unveiling the secrets that lie beneath the 22 yards. Our exploration will encompass an evaluation of whether this pitch leans towards favouring batting or bowling and shed light on the average score, offering a comprehensive view of what teams can expect when they take the field at this renowned stadium.

MCA Stadium Pitch Analysis Report 

Cricket, often dubbed as a game of glorious uncertainties, is profoundly influenced by the conditions in which it is played. The pitch, a rectangular strip in the centre of the ground, serves as the battleground for batsmen and bowlers, and its nature can significantly impact the outcome of a match. In this regard, the pitch report of Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium (Pune) assumes paramount importance.

pune cricket stadium
Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium Pune: Match Schedule, Pitch Report for World Cup 2023 2

Inauguration of Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium

This modern cricketing facility, known as the Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium, stands proudly in the outskirts of Pune, in a locale known as Gahunje. However, it had a somewhat delayed inception, opening its doors in 2012, two years behind the initial plan to be ready for the 2011 World Cup. Prior to this modern marvel, the Nehru Stadium in Pune served as the venue for international matches, but logistical conflicts between the Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA)  and the Pune Municipal Corporation paved the way for a new ground.

Shifting the Spotlight to MCA Stadium

Initially named after Sahara India Pariwar, the naming rights of the stadium experienced a transfer back to the Maharashtra Cricket Association due to payment disputes. The Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium saw its inaugural international T20 match in December 2012 when India locked horns with England. The same year also witnessed the commencement of the IPL at this venue, featuring the Pune Warriors India and Kings XI Punjab.

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Pune Cricket Stadium Pitch Characteristics

Batsmen’s Paradise

Pune cricket stadium: The MCA Stadium’s pitch is a haven for batsmen. It offers a consistent bounce that enables them to judge and execute their shots with precision. The predictability of the bounce can turn an average shot into a boundary-worthy stroke.

A Helping Hand for Pacers

While it may be a paradise for batsmen, it also extends a helping hand to the pace bowlers. The good bounce can assist pacers in taking early wickets, creating an enticing battle between bat and ball.

Windy Advantage

The open stadium often welcomes a decent breeze. This can be advantageous for pacers who can use the wind to their advantage, adding unpredictability to their deliveries.

Dew Dilemma

Fortunately, unlike some venues, the MCA Stadium does not grapple with significant dew factors. This ensures that the playing conditions remain relatively consistent, with minimal interference from moisture.

Soil Matters: Black vs. Red

A distinguishing feature of the MCA Stadium’s pitch is the type of soil it is crafted from. While venues like Wankhede, Brabourne, and Dr DY Patil Stadium sport pitches made of red soil, the MCA Stadium boasts black soil. This unique foundation is renowned for its spin-friendly characteristics.

The Historical Advantage

Historical data suggests that teams chasing a target have had an edge at MCA Stadium in Pune. The pitch conditions, along with the predictable bounce, have often favoured the chasing team. However, IPL 2023 introduced an intriguing twist to this narrative.

IPL 2023: A Season of Bounce

In the 2023 IPL season, the pitches at the MCA Stadium displayed an unusual abundance of bounce. This characteristic is typical of pitches with black soil, and it favored the slower bowlers, especially towards the latter stages of the season.

Match Schedule for ICC World Cup 2023

Here’s a glimpse of the matches scheduled to be held at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium during the ICC World Cup 2023:

India vs BangladeshOctober 192:00 PM
Afghanistan vs Sri LankaOctober 302:00 PM
New Zealand vs South AfricaNovember 012:00 PM
England vs NetherlandsNovember 082:00 PM
Australia vs BangladeshNovember 112:00 PM

MCA Stadium:The Numbers Game Stats

Let’s delve into the statistical records that the MCA Stadium has amassed over the years.

T20 Records

  • Total Matches Played: 3
  • Victories for Batting First: 1
  • Victories for Batting Second: 2
  • Ties: 0
  • Average First Innings Score: 153
  • Highest Score: India 201/6
  • Lowest Score: India 101/10

ODI Records

  • Total Matches Played: 7
  • Victories for Batting First: 4
  • Victories for Batting Second: 3
  • Ties: 0
  • Average First Innings Score: 307
  • Highest Score: England 350/7
  • Lowest Score: New Zealand 230/9

T20 Domestic Records

  • Total Matches Played: 38
  • Victories for Batting First: 18
  • Victories for Batting Second: 20
  • Ties: 0
  • Average First Innings Score: 159
  • Highest Score: Chennai Super Kings 211/4
  • Lowest Score: Punjab Kings 73/10

Pune Cricket Stadium Weather Forecast:

On October 19th, the weather in your area is expected to be warm, with a high temperature of 31°C. However, it will feel slightly warmer with a RealFeel® temperature of 34°C, especially when you are in direct sunlight. The day is forecasted to be partly sunny with a moderate amount of cloud cover, around 33%. The maximum UV index is 8, categorised as “Very High,” so it’s important to take necessary precautions to protect yourself from the sun.

The winds will be coming from the east at a gentle pace of 9 km/h, occasionally gusting up to 26 km/h. There’s only a minimal chance of precipitation, with just a 20% probability, and no expected rainfall, making it a mostly dry day.

 The likelihood of thunderstorms is extremely low at only 1%, indicating a low risk of lightning activity. Overall, it’s a day suitable for outdoor activities, but it’s crucial to take precautions by using sun protection like sunscreen, wearing hats and sunglasses, and staying hydrated due to the high temperatures and UV index. Enjoy your day outdoors, but do so safely.


The pitch at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune has always been a point of interest for both batsmen and bowlers, providing a unique and exciting contest.  As we approach the ICC World Cup 2023, the MCA Stadium stands as a battleground ready to witness the clash of the titans. For cricket enthusiasts, it’s also an opportunity to explore best betting sites and top betting apps to add an extra layer of excitement to the matches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the history of the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune?

The Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, also known as the MCA Stadium, is located in Gahunje, Pune. It is a relatively new addition to India’s cricketing landscape, having been inaugurated in 2012.

  • How does the pitch at MCA Stadium favour batsmen?

The pitch at the MCA Stadium in Pune is generally known for its batting-friendly conditions. It tends to be flat and conducive to stroke play, which means that batsmen can often enjoy good bounce and carry, making it easier to score runs. 

  • Why is black soil considered favourable for spin bowling?

Black soil is considered favourable for spin bowling because it has the tendency to offer grip and turn to spinners. provides the ideal surface for spinners to impart spin on the ball. This makes it challenging for batsmen to read the spinners, creating opportunities for wickets.

  • What were the highlights of the IPL 2023 season at MCA Stadium?

The IPL 2023 season at MCA Stadium in Pune featured several exciting moments and standout performances. Some of the highlights included thrilling last-over finishes, incredible centuries by star batsmen, and impressive bowling spells.

  • Which team has had the historical advantage when chasing at MCA Stadium?

Historically, the advantage in chasing at MCA Stadium in Pune has varied from season to season and match to match. Various factors, including the pitch conditions, team strengths, and form of the players, play a crucial role in determining the outcome of chases.

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